Love Letters

The book whose pages are reproduced below is a collective labour of love. Every word, every image is part of an enormous body of citizen research produced by over 100 adults and schoolchildren from the Anglia Square: A Love Story community. From the history of pre-human settlement, to the Vikings, the Victorians, the planning decisions of the 1960s, and the stories and memories of those who lived and worked in the area over the past 40 years, our research offers new perspectives on Anglia Square’s rich and varied history, and raises questions about its present and its future.

As with all acts of historical recovery, Anglia Square: Love Letters bears witness to only a handful of the lives and communities that have shaped this much-loved and much-maligned part of the city. Edited and compiled by a devoted team of citizen researchers-editors, each letter is therefore a starting point for you to imagine your way into the long life of Anglia Square, and to imagine what your love letter might look like.  A is for …

We hope you have as much fun writing your love letter to Anglia Square as we did.

Dr Jeannette Baxter, Research Director ASALS