Below are a number of posts produced by our wonderful team of citizen researchers during the creative response period of the project. Enjoy.

Anglia Square rephotography

As you may or may not have seen, a few of the ‘ghost’ images have started to appear in shop windows in and around Anglia Square, here are a selection of some of the ghost images for your delectation.

The 1959 Civic Scheme and its Relevance Today. Holly Sandiford.

Bass-filled reggae at The Regency nightclub, grunge and indie music at Fat Pauly’s snooker club in the 1990s and bargain shopping in QDs and Miahs International food shop for my young family in the 2000s. Magdalen Street is a hive of individual and collective memories, my own included. Taking part in this project has made…

A taster of our Vox Pop sessions

The three following MP3s give a fascinating insight into how people feel about Anglia Square and the real Norwich; Norwich over the water. Have a listen, you won’t be disappointed! An interview with Tony Cooper: Interviews with the general public shopping at Anglia Square: Memories of Doughty’dis Hospital:

Anglia Square – a vision of the future

Most of us look at Anglia Square and see it as a s***hole. I can’t argue with that. But I am too much of an optimist to live with the notion that the creators, the planners, the thinkers of the 1960s had a s***hole at the heart of their vision of the future. So what…


When the old Botolph Street Odeon in Norwich screened ‘The Magic Box’ in 1951 as part of the British film industry’s contribution to the Festival of Britain, it is unlikely anyone remembered that the subject of the biopic, the pioneer cinematographer and inventor William Friese-Greene, had once worked on his ground-breaking inventions in a dusty…

Creative Response Instructions

We are hoping that each researcher will be able to produce at least three things by June 1st 2019: 1) Website: Something based on your research which would help contribute to the developing Anglia Square A Love Story website. It can be a blog post, song, poem and can contain images, video, audio or anything else as…

Anglia Square Launch

This was where it all started, the original launch meeting in December. How far we have come! Thanks to Stuart McPherson for this image.

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