The 1959 Civic Scheme and its Relevance Today. Holly Sandiford.

Bass-filled reggae at The Regency nightclub, grunge and indie music at Fat Pauly’s snooker club in the 1990s and bargain shopping in QDs and Miahs International food shop for my young family in the 2000s. Magdalen Street is a hive of individual and collective memories, my own included. Taking part in this project has made [...]


MORE MAGDALEN STREET MEMORIES FROM THE 1950s Margaret Hornagold. (Liz Gibson’s sister) At 12 years old my childhood came to an end, we moved from a small bungalow in Thorpe St Andrew to a larger house,due to a new baby girl being born. The house we now lived in was near the Blyth School, a [...]

Memories of Magdalen Street from the 1940’s

MY MEMORIES OF MAGDALEN STREET FROM THE 1940s Margaret Hornagold (Liz Gibson’s sister) During the mid-40's I was taken by my mother to Barrack Street to visit my grandmother quite regularly. On a Wednesday afternoon she frequently took me to the Mayfair cinema to see a film, which from memory always seemed to be somewhat frightening [...]

Industry, Processions and Protests in Norwich over the Water

People were making things for centuries in this curve of the Wensum, from things for everyday existence: beer, iron, leather and shoes, to luxury textiles that the makers would only wear second hand and recycled. Things were made here using the soil, the river, animal and vegetable products from the rural hinterland and the skills [...]