Norwich radicals at the time of the French Revolution by Paul Harley

Below is a copy from the Maids Head website, which is taken from A Place in History by Peter Sargent : By the late 18th century, unrest was once again in the East Anglian air. Radicals met at the Maids Head and the Bell Hotel, in Orford Place. They demanded a new social order. [...]

Norwich Weaving and Shoe Making by Paul Harley

Worsteds, tapizadoes, taboretts, camblets, calimancoes, crepes and bombazines are just some of the exotic names for Norwich ‘stuffs’ (fabrics) woven on the looms of the weavers of Norwich. Many of them lived Over-the Water in the Magdalen Street area. The ‘stuffs’ were a huge success story for Norwich, traded around the world in the late [...]