Over The Water

Over The Water is the project’s signature song.  We have sung it at every event and with every school. We sung it at the beginning of the show, and belted it out as we marched our audience over the Wensum to hear the history of this unsung and under-represented part of the city. 

We needed a song to reflect the industrious, radical, resilient spirit of the people who have made their homes there over the centuries. From the transformation brought by the 16th Century Strangers, through the ferment of political and religious debate and to the strength of the tightest of communities crammed top to toe into the yards. The huge changes that have been wrought on the place have not dimmed a certain strength of spirit and identity. With this song we are seeking to encapsulate it all. 

The final verse we sang as our audience arrived in the square for the last stage of the story, bringing us up to the modern day.  

We hope you will enjoy singing it as much as we have. 

By Simon Floyd

Listen to the Stump Cross Singers sing ‘Over The Water’
‘Over The Water’ top
‘Over The Water’ middle
‘Over The Water’ low
‘Over The Water’
‘Over The Water’ piano

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